We at Laurence Ventures have a theory: technology always wins, so invest in companies,  ideas, and founders that are creating the kind of future where we all thrive. We think about the really big problems, and the foundations need to change the norm that just is not working anymore. And we also make sure there is a business plan behind every project we fund that makes sense in our current economy. We support a future that is freer, more open, and safer for the average person and we also like to make sure our companies and development projects are profitable. We look for the technologies, tools, and services that add 10X improvement to the average person's life. We also fund projects that improve living standers through modernization, such as real estate redevelopment.


Managing Director

Tiana Laurence is a software executive, investor, public speaker, and author. After her last software company in 2017, she began investing full time and has a broad network of investors and bank executives. Tiana also consults for Fortune 500 companies, governments, and militaries on financial technology and decentralized networks for IoT security. She has been published and quoted over three hundred times, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and The Economist.

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